Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Twitter Doodle

Mr Wilson Posted this on the Tweety machine

With Greetings from Hawaii as a caption

Which Sparked this quickie

Hawaii Dwight Style


Steven M. said...

Them damn sharks!

Archie said...

Fishy situation hoho

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he's met Cee Lo Green before. Haha! I love the finger.

Anonymous said...

Republican douchebaggery.


I know this doesn't affect you at all, but this Governor Christie dude up in Jersey is out of his fucking mind. Basically, he wants to get rid of the Rutgers name and replace it with some school I've never heard of, and it's got 95% of the NJ residents up there pissed off and you'll see why if you read the comments. Not trying to advertise or promote this, but I found it quite interesting and I signed the petition myself yesterday.