Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pirate Plates

So i was directing the some pick ups and ADR on the sponge the other day and started to doodle on the plate next to me.
After he was done Dee Bradley Baker complimented the drawing. So I gave it to him. Then Noticed Mr.Brinsfield our multi talented sound engineer was looking sad. Turns out he was hoping to keep the drawing. So I Promised him another which is the the top one of the ones below.
I should get Dee to photo grab the one I did for him.


Steven M. said...

They would look right at home in a museum.

Archie said...

I am jealous of these plates

Anonymous said...

Your drawings look so damn good everywhere!!!!!! I wish I could do that.

Were these inspired by Peter Pan by any chance? I thought of Captain Hook when I saw the first one.

Vincent Waller said...

Thank guys.
The first one was inspired by the the line work of Uli Meyer. Check his stuff, it's amazing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Vince! I've heard of Uli Meyer before and have even seen a lot of the cereal commercials he produced (Cookie Crisp and stuff like that), but I didn't know he was known for that kind of line work.