Wednesday, November 08, 2006


John's and Marlo's caricatures got me so excited I had to try a bit myself. But as stated in an earlier post, I really have to turn my mind upside down to keep from doing the systematic crappy way that I was first trained to attack the subject.

This is a drawing of Derrick Drymen. I didn't have any US magazines laying around, so the celebrities are safe this week.


Art F. said...

chintastic! awesome. i suck at caricature so people who are good at it amaze me.

Jorge Garrido said...

Wow, Derek Drymon! I always read his name in the credits but I never knew what they looked like. He resembles Antonio Banderas, somewhat.

Vince, did you work on that Nick Presents Spongebob Magazine where they drew him in the style of all kinds of classic comics, like Herriman, Kirby and Schultz?

-KP said...

Such a lovely drawing of such a hideous brute.

(Just kidding, Derek, I think you're beautiful.)