Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fuck George Bush and John McCain in Their Lying Pie Holes

It is amazing how the Republicans manage to stir up the media over the smallest miss step. Or in the most recent incident, (Visiting the troops) not even a miss step. As he visited the troops even in the supposed visit to the gym, he was surrounded by troops. Meanwhile John McCain can Leave his first wife after she was in a crippling auto crash,(My morals and loyalty that.) for a women twenty years younger, call his present wife a cunt, flip flop on his campaign promises, bold face lie about something he said on video two days before, not even be sure which country he is standing in at times, and the media give him a pass.
It is disgusting and disheartening.
It also made me give another 50 bucks to the Obama Campaign.

Todays Neo-con barking point: Obama had the unmitigated gall, to say he feels he will win the presidential race. Meanwhile McCain says over and over "My friends, when I am President..."
Same thing but somehow McCain gets a pass.

Last Does anyone out there buy that drilling for oil in protected lands will lower gas prices?
Does anyone out there not know that the oil companies aren't drilling on most of the leases they currently hold?


Dave Fontana said...

Agree full heartedly... may this administration go on trial for their lies and abuses and may McCain find himself offshore being drilled by a dolphin pod.

Patrick Seery said...

What really baffles me with these oil company people are what are they going to do with all the money they already have? I mean really? They should go off and buy some planet to orbit around, cuz I'm sick of them here.

I'm telling ya, the first house I get will be made almost entirely out of solar panels so I can power my electric car.

Vincent Waller said...

Yes Dave, that would be a terrific outcome.

Patrick, Well we know for sure they aren't going to open anymore oil refineries
because that would really drive gas prices down.

Mr. Semaj said...

If they elect John McCain, I say we blow up this whole country end to end and start over.

david gemmill said...

i wouldn't be surprised if mccain got elected. people are dumbfucks

jack raffin said...

man, wouldn't it be a fucken nightmare if mccain got elected? that COULDN'T happen....right?

Robertryan Cory said...

GO Vincent GO!!!!
Yeah It's hard to tell if McCain could win living in CA and all. Like I mentioned to you last week the only reason oil dropped recently is b/c a Wall Street Journal article that said if gas went $200 a barrel ($6 @ the pump) investors would lose money on the shares. So everyone backed off dropping the price this was a few days before Bush's I'll drill where I want to announcement... but people seem to credit that for the Drop. When has anything that turd ever said made people think or change how they conducted business. He can't create jobs let alone convince investors to back off oil.

While I'm on oil... I'm glad people are going electric and all... But so much of our oil usage is in plastic... and it is nearly impossible to avoid using that...I could write a 100 more words about how the oil company forced the market to drop glass and use plastic...but everyone knows they are dicks.

trevor said...

All politicians are liars, Vince. Even the 'good' ones. The Republicans are the only ones who are upfront about it, because they own everything and know that one day they'll own you too.

But, if you're worried about oil prices, electric cars are the way to go ( if they stick around this time ), and if not, this place saved my uncle a fucking fortune in gas:

As soon as I can afford to, I'm buying one of those.

- trevor.

JOHN said...


Kenny P. said...

Yeah, the "Liberal Press" indeed!

Anonymous said...

...just stumbled on this right now. This is beautiful.

The word c*nt has only been used by two people in poetry: you, and George Carlin. I agree with you all the way!

So, in this spirit, I say: Fuck George Bush up his tight, monkey asshole, fuck John McCain up his oil spilling sphincter, and fuck L. Ron Hubbard in his fucked up, "clear" space-butt!