Saturday, July 19, 2008

What Cheer Brigade

Went to the Club CIA last night to see "What Cheer Brigade" not knowing what to expect from a HardCore Marching Band. Let me tell you, they blew the roof off the place.


Diving in and out of the audience working the place up into a frenzy.

They'll be playing in San Francisco I think tonight and tomorrow. Then they're off to Portland, then Seattle.
Go see them if they are in your neck of the woods. You won't be disappointed.


trevor said...

They're on YouTube as well. They rock.

My cousin sent me some songs last Christmas. Been a fan ever since, but never seen them live, unfortunately.

Who took you, Vince?

- trevor.

Vincent Waller said...

Hey Trevor,
I went with SpongeBob writer Dani Michaeli. His cousin is one of the band members.
The tunes they were blasting were much more together than the you tube version. Thanks for sharing it.
Live is amazing. The chimp on the drums alone is worth the price of admission.

trevor said...

BTW, go see THE DARK KNIGHT. It's the best Batman movie ever made.

Holy. Cow. I can't stop thinking about how cool it was.

- trevor.

Dustin said...

Thanks for the heads up! Never heard of the guys, and holy shit, they're playing in Seattle this Sunday! FOR SIX BUCKS!