Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Phone Doodle

For some reason my server isn't responding, so you get another crappy Iphone transfer.


ArtF said...

hee hee! effin' great! you draw the coolest hands. and bones.

trevor said...

My cat would identify with that. Only because he's thrown things at me before when he was hungry.


But Ringo's a good boy, and this is another one of many awesome doodles.

- trevor.

trevor said...

Hey Vince:

Your episode of 'The Oblongs' is on! Yaay!

- trevor.

PS: I don't expect to spot any of your drawings. :(

Marc Deckter said...


Patrick Seery said...

Hey Vince, I got a blog! Required for my Advanced Typography class, but I figure I should've gotten one anyway.

lol I like the subtle things like the dog wearing a hat.