Friday, July 16, 2010

Dolphins onthe Brain

Having to go in and adjust a board to match a character change, after the initial animation was done.

Getting acting out of those beady lil eyes is a bit of a task.
Not that I'm complaining. Drawing drawing drawing is what we do.


RooniMan said...

I feel ya. It's definatley a task to forfill.

Anonymous said...

Difficult, but not impossible. Just look at how tiny the eyes are in a lot of Bob McKimson's WB cartoons, yet he gets so much acting out of his characters anyway, especially with the broad gestures and pantomime. Really similar to the live-action films of the same period, I'd say.

And drawing, drawing, drawing is what I'll continue to do myself. It always sucks when you find yourself in a rut and hardly have time to draw. That's what last year was for me. I still hate myself for not drawing enough then.

thomas said...

What would happen if you just pulled the eyes foward?

Would it make it any easier just making the dolphin more cartoony?

Are the eyes too realistic?

Vincent Waller said...

That is what the board artist did.
Unfortunately it just looked weird.
In a couple of months you'll see how I either saved it or ruined it.

thomas said...

Give us all a heads up, when its going to be on.
Are these dolphins in cahoots with the plankton?

No, wait don't tell me....

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