Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Review

This was posted in the Men's Room

It not really By Tuck Tucker's dad


Anonymous said...

Because of this review, I'm watching SpongeBob today, as soon as Nickelodeon gets through with airing all those awful kiddie sitcoms. That's why I can barely even watch that channel anymore. Don't tell them this because you might get fired, but I think they must hate kids by airing that insincere, obnoxious, unoriginal crap. They need to air Oh Yeah! Cartoons again because that's the Nick I remember very well and grew quite fond of as a kid (your cartoons for that program kick ass by the way. They really need to let you loose to make your own show for them).

Ok. Sorry for the rant, but I was getting pissed for a minute. I agree that SpongeBob never gets old and that's why so many people still watch it today.

Vincent Waller said...

No worries Robert.
The episode reviewed above was not one of my favorites. Though It did incredible numbers. Because of time constraints we had to cut out a lot of what I considered funny. Neptunes entourage had more screen time. They gave you a humorous look into the disfunctional royal family, but they didn't move the story forward. So they were cut at the animatic stage. RR Cory also did some fbeautiful designs of them, but you barely get to see them in the final.
It's a painful process when you have to cut out the funny to hit the minute marker.

RooniMan said...

What a nice review.