Friday, July 16, 2010

Premise Doodle

Below is a a premise by Dani Michaeli for a recent SpongeBob episode.
With one doodle I directly on the page, did during the writer's meeting,while we were discussing the premise, a post it drawing, that I think is from the same meeting.


RooniMan said...

Thoughts rambling on as the meeting rolls on.

Anonymous said...

Interesting way of going about with a typical SpongeBob ep. I'm assuming it's similar to what John K. had you do on Ren and Stimpy. What would you say would be your all-time favorite episode of SpongeBob to come out of this process? Just wondering.

Vincent Waller said...

It is the same other than, at Spumco this would have been the length of the outline rather that the premise.
Outlines on SpongeBob typically run about a two pages.
As far as favorite episodes, of mine Arrgh would have been my favorite.
Of others, I really liked doodle Bob, and Reef Blowers, also the one where SB is playing with a slip of paper.
I prefer the episodes that have the characters being just as silly as can be.

thomas said...

Um... how does someone go about getting a job writing stories like this?

...really. a rhetorical question.

Vincent Waller said...

Well first you have to be funny. Then you need to have samples of your work. Then once you get hired, you need to consistently come up with funny idea, after funny idea ,week after week.

Kris F. said...

I really like your style! I use to watch Spongebob all the time:P

thomas said...

That IS a dream job.


I think I may have missed my calling.

Yes, that one with Sponge and the slip of paper, one of my favorites.

J. W. Cornelius said...

You left out the bit about selling your soul.
That's my favorite part.

Vincent Waller said...

JW it's really more of a Lend Lease, than a sale.