Thursday, October 02, 2008

Another Meeting...Starts at the bottom

oops still not done

oops thought I was done

Another Post


kris.w said...

...damn, i need to practice more.

ArtF said...


Sam said...

Nice hairy tits.

trevor said...

It got better and better!

- trevor.

Anonymous said...

It just gets better on the way up.

By the time you get up there, I forget exactly what the f**k I'm lucking at.

Oh, and Vince: I wanted to tell you about a cool comic called "Chumble Spuzz". It's about two idiots, Gunther and Klem, who go through all kinds of wacky, adventuruous miscallanea. They win a demon possessed pig, meet a pigeon man, run the Grim Reaper out of the job, and even face a vampire chicken and a certain blue cookie beast.

I didn't spoil all of it, but it's called "Chumble Spuzz Vol. 1" by Ethan "Eef" Nicolle and Slave Labor Graphics. I wanted to know what you thought of the art.


vicki said...

sweet jesus, i think i love you.

uh oh.

is that weird?