Wednesday, October 01, 2008




Emmett said...

I love these outrageous drawings, Mr. Waller. Any advice for coming up with strange ideas?

trevor said...

"Yes, I'm doing it, Dear.... POLLY!!!"

- trevor.

Anonymous said...

The dog man...I'm with Emmet: how does this crap pop into ya friggin' head? It's amazin'!

I wanted to know: have you seen the 1988 animated movie, "Akira"? It's one of them there Japanese flicks. The American dub dialogue is pretty lame (it is with these 1988 anime craps), but the animation is great. There's a mushroom cloud and a kid turning into a huge blob of pink, vein covered crap.

It's pretty awesome.

Vincent Waller said...

Ha.yeah I was lucky enough to have I think it was Larry Hama turn us on to the graphic novel of Akira way back when.

Anonymous said...

Yup. I thought about that movie yesterday when the name Tetsuo magically appeared in my filthy head.

I saw the movie a week ago and just finished reading the first volume of Akira. I've got a new secton on my blog called "Reccomended Reading": it has my favorite books from Mr. Otomo-san, Jhonen Vasquez, Jeff Smith, and quite a bit more.

Glad you liked it, Vince.