Friday, October 17, 2008

Birthday Card


Katie said...

Whoa, it looks amazing!!! Who's birthday is it? They're lucky!

ArtF said...

DAMN! this one is totally insane! i love it! the recipient of this masterpiece is one lucky monkey.

Bob Flynn said...

We can only hope the lucky recipient is like 6 years old. Or 98.

Vincent Waller said...

It was Richard Lang's Birthday. He is the author of Dead Boys, serious hiker, and student of Kung Fu.

Deemo said...

All I have to say is simply amazing!!

trevor said...

Holy shit! I want to have sex with this drawing!

That's one hell of a birthday gift!!! Ya know Vincent, I turn 30 next Saturday. Would you draw me something?

It doesn't even have to be good.

- trevor.

kris.w said...

lame question ahead!

so, about how long do these take you?

completely awesome!

Vincent Waller said...
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Vincent Waller said...

Thank y'all.
Kris not lame at all.
They take about three hours but only in five or ten minutes at a time.
The recipient is forty seven.