Thursday, October 30, 2008

Weird Lil'Man


Jim Smith said...

So this is what you do when you should be working. Had to draw it on the scene folder. Good sketch though. John and I will be at meltdown this Saturday at 2 in case you missed the post. Are you ever going to publish a collection of you work as in a sketch book type deal?

trevor said...


thanks for this awesome drawing. I know you didn't draw it just for me, but I feel that ya did.

I'm crazy like that.

Like, when I see George W. Bush's face slowly morph into John McCain's on a 20 billion by 30 billion inch screen throughout the course of the song "The Hand That Feeds" being performed live right in front of me by nine inch nails..... I believe that's a little gift from the universe's collecive unconscious to me. A little reminder by mother nature to your humble narrator that he was right.

MAN what a great show that was!

Anyway.... I love this drawing for reasons I can't explain, but if it'll keep me from packing up the rest of my shit in this bullshit house I'm moving out of, I'd write a sixty page essay which would notate every considerable reason as to why I love this drawing so much that I literally want to fuck it, get it pregnant and then later leave it and the mutant offspring for a mural uptown.

But for starters, I like that he's naked and genderless.

I'm crazy like that.

Happy Halloween!

- trevor.

ArtF said...

runnin' around with no pants is awesome. i know.

Kenny P. said...

I didn't even notice the nopantsness of the lil' man. I just noticed how the angle at which you took the photo makes him look like he's actually standing there on the paper.

You'll be interested to know that the word verification word is "trolout."

Dave Fontana said...

Nice perspective,The Emperor's new pants.
Fritz Freeling once told me that he kept getting mail at WB from some woman, 'You know Porky's not wearing any pants'.