Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday March 14th

Cabinet doodles done by Various Crew, can you spot Kenny's?



Kenny lower half Sean upper half of SpongeBob


Iversen or Honky D
The score sheet for Five Ball, All Ball,Pit Ball. A game invented by the SpongeBob Crew Copyright@


Kenny P. said...

I can spot the Kenny drawings!

Nice doodles.

Anonymous said...

Hi , has your friend find his dog Hambone yet?

Anonymous said...

sorry i meant "found" grammar typo

James Sutton said...

I'm gonna guess that Kenny did the Monkey.

tina kugler said...

i love the kenny. but is there a paul? cripes i don't know who's there anymore. well, tell em all hi for me. (i won't make you give hugs.)

Vincent Waller said...

No, Hambone is still missing

Nope, we don't as yet know who did the chimp , but it wasn't Kenny.

No Paul is Executive Producer now and doesn't have time enough to doodle on the erasable cabinets.
I will pass along the greetings.