Monday, March 03, 2008


BRRRR. Its a little chilly at 7 am
Eric Jacob,Stevie,Caryn Jacob, Caleeb and Gretel. Hopefully everyone is spelled correctly.
All fired up and ready to run. Eric's 5th Marathon and Stevie's 1st.

Morning Fog over Universal City
At the other end Caryn's Brother Eric crosses at I believe 3H 17m
That means from the back of the pack he to pass about ten thousand people.

Mission accomplished. Medals all around.
With the rest of the Kathy O group.
Sister reunioun

In the Tunnel of Happiness

Aids Project Tattoo on Caryn's neck
Stevie's roommate Rob Taking pictures of the event.

Brothers and sisters: A serious Brain Trust


Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

Looks like fun! Tell me, do ALL cartoonists have hot girlfriends, or just the ones in LA?

- trevor.

ps: That first picture of Rob makes him look like Bruce Willis.

Vincent Waller said...

Hey Trevor.

Thanks, I certainly hope all cartoonists have hot girlfriends.
We certainly deserve it. ;0)

tina kugler said...

um, wow, very impressive.
and as a cartoonist's wife, i have to say, in wisconsin, not so much. us girls all look like crumb drawings. i'm going to keep holding down the fort on the sitting-on-my-gelatinous-ass-blogging scene. cheers!

Vincent Waller said...

Hi Tina,
LOL. Speaking as someone who has suppered with Mr.Crumb I dare say he would find you hotter than most of the ladies in LA.
Its all relative.

Kenny P. said...

Yeah!!! I remember walking through that tunnel after I ran it in 2005.

Congratulations, Stevie!