Thursday, March 20, 2008

More Ball E Hoo

What's this? A group of Spongeites gathered together under the watchful gaze of The One Who Pays Our Bills.

Derek, Kenny, Sean and Kit are having another bounce off competition.
The object of this game is to with one bounce off the floor land your ball or balls into an office mailbox.
They are all adept at this game. I am not.
At times the games are called because someone needs to use the big conference room below.
I have no idea why they find it hard to concentrate on the meeting with soothing thump thump in the background.

See all the balls behind Kit. There is a wide variety of balls that need to be mastered. They vary greatly in color weight and size.

Meanwhile on the other side of the floor. Noeli, Alvaro, and Phil conduct a production meeting.


Kenny P. said...


Marc Deckter said...

Thanks for the inside scoop at sponge headquarters.

Anonymous said...

man! i wanna join you guys at Nick! looks like a blast!

Vincent Waller said...

Kenny, thats no way to talk about Alvaro, Noeli and Phil.

It's odd no one noticed the giant bird foot above the ball bounce game.

Art pop by at lunch some time and you can have a go at Bouncy Ball (Kenny wanted me to point out that this game is Copyright and a registered trade mark).
736-3000 ask for me.

You too Jabber stop by some time.:)

Jax said...

Looks like fun.

I really got learn how to animate and draw really well so I can get my cartoon picked up when I'm older.