Saturday, March 22, 2008

Top of Fryman Canyon

Yes its that time of Year again. When the weather says "Go on an early morning hike with the dogs." I swear the little critters can read my mind. From the other room they can tell when I take down my hiking shorts, and ecstatic whimpering kicks in. They Know its time go smell some strange dog butts. Other than the cost of living, the smog, the earthquakes, floods, flash fires, and random shooting Los Angeles is a really swell place to live. I love most every second of it. The Earthquakes are fun. As long as nothing falls on your head, and it drives the home prices down a little. The Flash fires are beautiful to watch, and the random shootings go a long way to keep you agile.
Happy Parim, Merry Easter and all that fun junk.


Hryma said...

"A joy on your eyes," Awesome!!
Thanks Vincent.
Why has no one commented on this fine artwork yet? All your posts should have written praises, it's like great pulp-art.


Interesting fact: the guy who's started sculpting pencil toppers that got posted on John K's blog.

Vincent Waller said...

Thanks you is very kind.
And prolific as all get out too.
Your sculptures outstanding.