Tuesday, March 04, 2008


And then a little background,
Who's the antagonist in this one? It's hard to know.

A Detail of Granny

First pass with cop


Weirdo said...

The awesome drawings just seem to flow from your pen. How do you do it?

tone said...

Marveling at the tie tag detail...

Huck Finn pants on that kid, too!



Beautiful work.

Vincent Waller said...

Thanks Weirdo. I was inspired by popping by Stephen Destephano's site.
His drawings and inks always perk me up.

Thank you Tone.I'm glad you liked it.

chrisallison said...

can't get enough of your inks. agreed, destephanos inks get me going too. i've been looking at sebastian kruger inks, steadman, and uli myer too. whole new world just opened up to me.

hey, how's about some r. crumb stories. you mentioned you ate with him in the comments on the marathon post. what were the circumstances and stuff? just curious if you're willing to share.

Vincent Waller said...

Hi Chris,
Grab me in the hall and I'll blab away. My typing fingers is wore out today.

Julián höek said...

that granny it's amazingly creepy! you blog is always an inspiration.
i wish buying one of those pen brushes was the answer for me! well...i guess i'll have to keep practicing like all of the other humans!
keep them coming!

Kenny P. said...

The kid looks so nonplussed about his arm-severing. Kids today...

In my day we got EXCITED about mayhem.

Vincent Waller said...

Yes indeed.
Kids today.