Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A night of Bad Religion

Stevie and I went with Andrea (Thank You Andrea) to see Bad Religion last night.
It was a fun show. Twenty one years or so of playing together and you can tell they're still having fun with it.

It was a bit odd to be seated in the Foundation room eating a big plate of meatloaf while watching the tumult of the mosh pit down below.

It's always an interesting lesson in humanity to watch the pit. You got the guys and gals that are in the center of it churning and burning. Those that stand and watch, happily adding to the speed of the chase by pushing the folks that get tossed out back into the mix. Then you have the guys that just stay on the sideline waiting for people to come by with their back to them. That's when these charmers throw elbows and blocks to the back of an unsuspecting head, or right between the shoulder blades.
Yes it was great fun fun for all involved.


Kenny P. said...

I like to rock.

Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

When you say 'Stevie', you don't mean Mr. Worth do you? I find it hard to believe, based solely on what I know of him ( which is not much ) that he's a Bad Religion fan.

It's a good time spent in the mosh pit, though Bad Religion is from an older era, when the pit was just a shoving and kicking frenzy. These days, people are out to do serious harm. I speak from experience. One word: Gwar.

Did they do anything from their first album?

- trevor.

Vincent Waller said...

Kenny i know you do.

Stevie would be my girl.
I pretty sure you're correct that Mr.Worth wouldn't care for it much.
They did do some of their early work.

Jon Brown said...

I love Bad Religion. I saw them last year here in Atlanta.